Find and share your files wherever they are.

So, what’s kiwi?

Your files are everywhere, making it difficult and frustrating to find what you need. Kiwi aggregates all your emails, text messages, photos, files, and more, making it easy to find, edit, and share them in a snap.
Kiwi is your personal search bar.

How it works:

1Connect all your applications: email (ex. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo), photos, messaging services (ex. iMessage, Slack, Whatsapp), file storage (ex. Dropbox, WeTransfer, iCloud), etc.

2Use the Kiwi app to search for any file, no matter where it is.

3Send really large files
– any size! – right inside the Kiwi app.

4With your freetime, have a snack, write that novel, call your grandma, etc, etc... You get it. Kiwi is going to save you A LOT of time and energy.

When will kiwi’s beta be available?

We’re working really hard to get the beta ready as soon as possible. We are aiming for early 2023.

Have any questions or a suggestion?